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A cheltuit 30.000 de euro pe silicoane și a trecut de la cupa A la sutien la K! Prin ce transformare a trecut

Tracy Kiss este o antrenoare de fitness și yoga din Marea Britanie, în vârstă de 32 de ani, care a cheluit până acum 25.000 de euro pentru un bust impresionant, pe patru operații de mărire a sânilor, scrie, cu referire la

Britanica și-a spus povestea în tabloidul The Sun, mărturisind că a fost  complexată de faptul că pieptul său arăta că al unui băiat. Până la 18 ani, când și-a făcut prima mărire a bustului, aceasta avea cupa A la sutien, sânii de dimensiuni diferite și sfârcurile îndreptate fiecare în altă parte. 

“Îmi uram cu desăvârșire sânii minusculi. Purtam cupa A la sutien, sânii erau inegali, asimetrici și sfârcurile erau orientate către est și vest”, spune Tracy Kiss, acum antrenoare de fitness și mama a doi copii.

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My garden pull up bar is one of my favourite things, I guess when you climb your own house you realise how small our space in this world is and everything falls into perspective. We can live within a space that is several people wide and a handful of people tall and call it home. It’s fascinating how we confine ourselves to rooms, walls, boxes just big enough for some furniture and a little walking space, yet we were born to be free and natural roaming the land and sleeping beneath the stars. Our physical confinement’s may come at a premium because of our postcode, yet the biggest confinement to us is that of our mind, the lack of self belief and self worth, thinking we’re not good enough, not pretty enough or not strong enough. We need to learn to accept ourselves, to be kind to ourselves and recognise what it is to challenge ourselves – if anything doesn’t challenge you in life then it cannot change you. We are here to grow, learn, adapt and overcome obstacles in our path and the body mind and soul are the key to achieving every success. You have to believe in yourself to have confidence, recognise yourself goals to work hard and have the dedication to be committed to getting back up and putting in 100% each time that you’re knocked back on the road to success. It’s all really just a matter of perspective and balance – when did you last think outside of the box? 🙏🏼 #pullupbar #homeworkout #meditation #happyplace #tgif

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La 18 ani și-a făcut prima operație și a trecut de la cupa A la cupa D. Se întâmplă în 2005 și toată treaba a costat-o 6000 de lire sterline. 

Deși a fost super încântată de rezultat și s-a mândrit cu silicoanele sale uriașe, a avut și mari probleme cu ele. În timpul uneia dintre sarcinii, acestea i s-au spart și a avut dureri groaznice. Și le-a scos, însă nu a putut trai cu gândul de a nu mai avea sânii mari, așa că și-a făcut o nouă operație – de data aceasta a îndrăznit să treacă un nivel mai departe, la cupa F.

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Some girls wish for walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms however I have a home gym instead! It’s been an absolute must for me to have access to fitness from home, especially during lockdown when all of the gyms closed months ago. I find such peace in taking myself away, putting on some music and just lifting weights and burning off excess energy. But fitness isn’t just about your physical attributes and appearance; it goes far deeper than that as it’s a discipline to take control of your life, build strength and stamina whilst helping to silence your mind. How you feel about yourself and your mental health is vitally important because without a positive mindset we would lack all motivation, self worth and self confidence. The body, mind and soul must therefore be aligned in order to function properly; so give yourself the peace, clarity and time to make sure that you maintain all three. When you feel good you will smile more, have far more energy, be willing to participate in life and your mindset becomes far more positive which resonates with good energy to the people around you. We live in cycles of relapses and achievements where some days we work extremely hard to achieve our goals and the next we want to stay in bed and take a day off – it’s ok to fluctuate, it’s human to have highs and lows and one day of treating yourself or being lazy does you good to relax so long as the majority of your days are healthy and active. Good health and fitness isn’t a punishment or chore, it’s a beautifully positive way of life perfectly in balance so that the positives far outweigh the negatives. Make healthier, more conscious choices about how you treat your body on a daily basis and the nutrition that you put into it and it will reward you tenfold with a lifetime of good health and optimum wellbeing 🙏🏼 #gymflex #homegym #gymbunny #girltoys #mindsetiseverything

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Anul trecut, Tracy Kiss a mai investit 4000 de euro în sânii săi: a mers la Istanbul unde i-a dus la mărimi impresionante –  acum are cupa K!


AUG 19, 2020